Rostock- Berlin Photodiary

Last week i had a marvellous time in both German places. 
I enjoyed with all my heart the beauty of their monuments, the fresh air while walking in their parks, the yummy food, the perfection of the landscapes, the smile of the people and their kind help making the tour guide for us when we totally didn't expect it (!), the flea market with lots of treasures for one to find and many many other things that made me love them and definitely want to go back one day (which isn't too far from today, for sure..!)
I have to admit now that Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities i have ever visited and deserves a "big thanks" for the five days of hapiness that offered me!

Which was your favourite travel ever?


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  1. Such a beautiful country. I've never been to Berlin, I hope I will be able to visit it some day :).


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